Sunday, November 30, 2008

I bought my planner for 2009 on Friday night at the bookshop. It was the last Edward Gorey one there! I guess they cut back on planners this year and I feel pretty lucky to get this one. It's pretty much the same one that I had for this past year, which I have managed to lose at some point in the past few months. I keep hoping it will turn up and that I'm not missing any important dates or appointments. At least it will soon be 2009 and I can have a fresh start. I really love going through a new planner and putting my friend's birthdays in and appointments that I already have made. I'm pretty sure that makes me a gigantic nerd, but I'm ok with that. With the type of memory that I have, the only way I'll ever be able to remember things is if I have them written down.

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O.J. Rosenberg said...

memento mori. put that in January.