Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Seoul-Portland

At one of my favorite restaurants for eating in or taking out. Korean is the new Thai (at least for me). I was obsessed with Thai food for the past few years, but once I tried Little Seoul, all I can think about when asked where I want to go out to eat is the udon noodles and how effing tasty they are here. I don't even remember what dish it is specifically that I get, but the sauce that they use, paired with the udon noodles and fried tofu is utter perfection in my mind. Nothing gets better than this. Not even sesame tofu at my old Thai food haunts.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sometimes I realize that it's a season, like summer, only to realize that it's already passed. I feel like I am forever late to whatever it is that is going on, even if it's the turning of the seasons or of the hours ticking by. I can't believe that fall is already leaving and that winter has already graced us twice with overly large snow storms for such an early point in the year. I'm still ready for pumpkin seeds to be roasted in the oven and for Halloween costumes to be worn, even though that was to be done a month ago. I can't express how much fun that I have been having over the past few months, because I have been able and fortunate enough to be surrounding myself with so many people that love me and support me. There are times that I would like to just run away from Maine and to try new places and people, but then I always come to the conclusion that there will never be friends like my friends that are here and that even though new places are so fun for a while, nothing is ever as great as home is. Home is where my friends and family are and that is where I must be in order to be happiest in my life. I love you all. I even love you Maine when you only have sunshine for what seems like three hours out of every day. The countdown is on to when you will be having longer and longer days, instead of shorter and shorter. Lets do this.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Apple Picking for the First Time

This year was the first time that I had ever been apple picking. At least, that I can remember and that my mom could remember. She said she had never taken me and I could not recall a single instance in my past that I had gone. It was amazing! I picked so many apples!

Then we brought them back to my friends apartment and made caramel apples! The caramel actually became too hard for me to be able to bite off the apple, but it was so delicious. So were the crepes that we made in the next few days for breakfast, with apple filling from the apples we had picked ourselves!

One of my favorite things about Portland is that there is the ability to escape the big city and go to all of these amazing outdoors options. You can go hiking on so many trails, even within Portland, that will make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Then you have the ability to go apple picking, berry picking or to any of the beaches that are a quick car ride or even a stroll, if you wanted to visit the East End Beach. There are so many fantastic areas within and around Portland to Explore.

Mister Abner can testify to that