Sunday, January 9, 2011

One of my favorite things to do in the city is to just walk around and enjoy the structure of Portland. I love the architectural details on the majority of the buildings and I also love how there is street art everywhere. Most of it is tags, which isn't really all that impressive, but then there are these wonderful murals. The backside of the Asylum always has some interesting art on it. Currently there is a tribute piece to Stephen King. I wonder what he thinks about it.

I took some clothes into Find today to sell and I also took a box of books into Longfellow to do the same thing. It is my goal to reduce the amount of extra things that I have, which have a way of cluttering my space. It is an ongoing project, which will take time. I have a hard time letting go.

This afternoon one of my friend's and I went to see the King's Speech at the Nickelodeon. It was interesting to see the audience in the theater. Who knew that at a 1pm matinee it would be over eighty percent people over seventy. I really enjoyed the movie. I think next on our list of movies to see will be True Grit. I love seeing movies at the Nick, because it costs so much less and you can always get a better snack at one of the coffee shops or other restaurants in the immediate area. The last time we went to the movies we saw Black Swan and bought cookies at Bard. I also got a hot chocolate and on that day those were the perfect combination for movie viewing.

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