Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sometimes I really love looking through old pictures. This one was taken last year at the Hate the Love event for Maine Roller Derby. It was Lady Gay Gay's (on the right) and my (on the left) coming out party for the derby world, as well as the rest of our newbie group at the time. I am no longer involved in derby as a skater, I volunteer when I have the time, but I still love going to watch my friends do what they love and have such obvious passion for. Roller Derby requires an enormous time commitment and passion is required in order to become highly skilled at this sport on skates.

Speaking of which, there is a bout coming up this weekend at the Expo. If you have yet to go see a roller derby bout here in Maine I highly suggest going to see this one. It is our local girls the Port Authorities versus the Boson Massacre. My roller derby nerd skills are putting the win on the Boston Massacre, but I think that the Port Authorities can really give them a run for their money. The Port Authorities recently acquired two skaters from Gotham (ranked number one in the East) and additionally have a really solid lineup of veteran skaters, with a few very skilled newish skaters. The Massacre seems to be in a rebuilding year and possibly suffering from a few injuries with key skaters, which could give the Port Authorities the slight edge that they might need to take a win.


There is even an after party at the Empire.

Even though my weekend will be dominated by:

those cuties and the rest of my family for Easter fun, I am definitely going to this bout to cheer on some very talented ladies and to the after party to get my dance on with them.

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Amanda said...

I don't recall ever seeing this picture, AND I LOVE IT. I remember sitting there with you, chatting! <3