Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yesterday started with a wonderful walk up and down Pine Point Beach. At first I pointed all the way to the end, saying that we were going to walk there. I knew that was an unrealistic goal to begin with, but sometimes it's nice to just say "yes, we are going to do that or attempt to do that and even if we don't make it the whole way, we will enjoy our journey." Which we did. I had some of the best and most understanding conversation that I have had in years. It is really nice to find a friend who can understand things that others try to, but just can't fully grasp. Not that I love those other friends any less, because honestly, all I can ask is for them to try and they do with a whole lot of love in their hearts.

I can't even fully describe how full of awesome yesterday was. I saw so many people, so many friends specifically and it was just amazing. The day was packed with fun times with my friends and my favorite foods, such as soft serve from the Dairy Corner in Scarborough and the hot bar at Whole Foods. We ended up having a picnic on the Eastern Prom after our trip to the hot bar and it was just so beautiful outside. I can't wait to have even more picnics this summer. I also got my first sunburn of the season on the back on my neck and a little color on my nose.

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