Friday, July 1, 2011

Eric Hou is one of my favorite artists in Portland. I have a few of his postcards that I put into a mobile that I bought in Oregon when I was out there. It makes me so happy to look up and see so many of his pictures just hanging down from my ceiling, turning slightly ever so often. I have a few larger format prints of his as well, that I still need to frame, in addition to some smaller prints that I already have framed and are hanging on my wall in my bedroom. They are so adorable. I also love that every year he does a different Read poster. I have the 2009 edition and the 2010 I think is my favorite so far, so I should probably get one of those as well. I think that I will honestly need a house in the near future so I can hang up all of my artwork in a non-cluttered manner. There are so many local talented artists and it is just so hard to not want to purchase their work and support them.

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