Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mackworth Island Fun

I have wanted to go to Mackworth Island for a while. This Saturday was the day that I finally made the trip over the three bridges that took me to the island. It takes maybe ten minutes of driving to get there from my apartment and there is limited parking on the island, which makes it a relatively tourist free location. I wanted to go swimming, but the water was much too cold for me to venture in further than my ankles. I am a sally. I love that from some of the beaches you can see Portland.

Fairy houses in the community village. Not as many good ones as I had hoped for, but there were definitely three or four that blew my mind. I want to go back and make my own.

There were so many interesting little places for photo ops on the island. A lot of trees that were uprooted that I could then pose in front of/under and make funny faces.

I can't wait to go back. It's the perfect picnic spot. I'm hoping that the water will continue to warm up over the next few weeks and that I can maybe go swimming next time.

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