Saturday, October 9, 2010

Peaks! I went there for the first time last weekend and biked around the island with my boyfriend. He took so many pictures of me on my bike, probably because he doesn't believe I will ride it again with him any time soon. I complain, quite vocally, about how much it hurts my butt to ride my bike. I have been told to just ride my bike more often and after a while it won't hurt, so that is what I shall try and do! I can't even explain how much fun I had that day. We looked for sea glass on a beach and Nick found me a piece of lavender sea glass! I tried to give him a piece of a crab shell in thanks, which he politely declined. From that beach we had a nice view of Portland's waterfront with a gigantic cruise ship at the docks.

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thesimplicity said...

You haven't had a real Peaks Island experience until you realized you've missed the last ferry and have to spend the night sleeping at Battery Steel. I miss Maine.