Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finally, some fashion

I now have a fantastic volunteer photographer who agreed to take photos of my outfits on a regular basis. This is my outfit for a birthday party that I was lucky enough to be invited to last night. The dress is actually from a wedding that I was in a year ago, as is the sweater.

Sweater-Old Navy
Tights-Rite Aid (as bizarre as that is) They are Kushy Feet brand or something?
Necklace-My grandmothers maybe real, but probably fake pearls. (I can never remember which ones are real and which ones are fake. I have one of both)
Purse-Nine West


thesimplicity said...

This is weird. Since the last time I saw you was over a year ago, when you were wearing that dress and that sweater (long before the bangs), this photo looks like someone cut out some stranger's head and put it on your body.

teh bobbi said...

I know! It's crazy! I love the bangs though.