Sunday, April 26, 2009

My neighborhood
This is at the end of my street. Pretty much a block away from my apartment. I thought it was further when I looked at it on Google maps, but then realized that I can totally see the street from my apartment. I think it's a sign of what kind of neighborhood it is when they lock the porta-potty when the construction workers leave. There is a big chain around the entire thing and a tree. I woke up last night to yelling, again. This time however it turned out that someone had stabbed another person with a kitchen knife (turned out to be a butter knife when I saw it this morning in the street). Sometimes I can find the humor in these situations, since nobody really got hurt (it was just a butter knife and I saw the guy walking away). They were all yelling "Is that the cops?! We are all going to jail!" The girl yelled "GO, BABY, GO! I CAN'T LOSE YOU!" I am also pretty sure it was the girl that stabbed whoever she was yelling at to leave quickly in case the cops were coming. These are the reasons I don't go out of my apartment at night by myself though. I don't want to run into people that say they would all go to jail if the cops found them. The warmer weather just means I can hear the crazies more easily in the middle of the night.

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Anonymous said...

lissun up teh bobbi i dont see why u gotta go talkin abuot me and my man on ur website if the police find dis shit u know imma gonna have 2 go 2 prisin and u know my man aint gonna bail me out no maaam he aint never bailed me outta nothin