Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days where you could wander around the city for hours on end. This is in fact what I did! The temperature was in the high sixties maybe even reaching into the low seventies at some point in the afternoon. After a trip to the Portland Head Light earlier in the day, I decided to take a three and a half hour walk around the city. I made sure to stop at a few of my favorite stores along the way and I even re-found one of my favorite clothing stores from a few years ago. I thought they had closed for good, but it turns out that they had just moved to another location. There was a gigantic upsetting event for me that occurred while I was walking down Exchange Street. Normally I wouldn't read signs that are on doors of my favorite stores as I walk by, but this sign was blue and I thought to myself "perhaps I should turn around and see what that sign says". That sign said that Books Etc would be closing for good next Friday. This is very, very upsetting to me. It is one of my favorite places to go in the city when I have any time off. The owner of the store is really nice and to have the store close seems like such a loss for the area. I know there are a lot of other bookstores, but Books Etc was my favorite in Portland. It was really sad to walk down Exchange street and see how many stores had closed, were going to close or were moving to another location. Thankfully the Books Etc in Falmouth will still be open, but it's just not the same.
My old digital camera broke recently or at least I realized it didn't work anymore. I did buy a new one the other day and once I figure it out I will hopefully post some new pictures.

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