Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have a job interview tomorrow. This is exciting and I'm really hopeful for it. It is at a publisher that does academic journals and books. I'm not sure as to what the position is, because the woman I talked to hasn't emailed me the specifics yet. She said she would email me a job description along with an application. I'm a little nervous since that was on Thursday and it is now Sunday and my interview is tomorrow.

What didn't work out so well down in Boston was the expectation that I would be able to find my way around in a city that is quite large and confusing all by myself. I was taken to the corporation's headquarters, which wasn''t very large, and was expected to find my way back to the hotel. Now, this would have been alright if we had only walked like a block there, but it was quite a long walk, where we went through random buildings and even went to a different location at one point. I managed to get lost three times on the way back to my hotel and the only reason I made it back there was because I knew that the Hancock building should be on my right. Being in the hotel by myself was also quite miserable. I feel that if someone else had been sent down with me so that I could have had a cohort in the situation it would have been bearable, but it was just me.

I also realized that the job isn't that great. I know that when you are unemployed and poor you can't be all that snobby about which job you will take, but I really don't want to work in the food service industry at that level. I would be fine with being a waitress at a nice restaurant...but this job was pretty much schlepping fast food to college age kids. I'd like to think of myself as slightly above that, but I don't want to get a big head or anything. At least when I was working at the bookstore I had a lot of pride in what I was doing because I believe in sharing the love of reading with others and I'm passionate about books. I'm not sure I can believe in sharing the love of burritos with the same enthusiasm.

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HeSaid said...

if you're EVER in Boston again and have to spend the night by yourself in some hotel you'd better get in touch with me so I can either

1. schlep you to the suburbs and cook you a fine meal or

2. let me sneak wine and treats in to you and we can snuggle and read books.

Not to mention i'll help you around the city!