Sunday, June 15, 2008

River Float!

Today Hannah, Mary and I went to Stowe to float down this river in tubes. It was so nice and sunny today that it was the perfect day for a river float. I don't think I have gone floating down a river for at least ten years. This river was shallow in a few places, but as long as you held your butt up out of the middle of the tube you were fine. The picture above is looking up the river that we went floating down. There was a family sitting on the sand bar with two dogs. We went down the river twice and the second time we came back to go float again they were packing up and surprised to see us again.
After we finished floating down the river and enjoying the sunny day, we went and had a slice of pizza at Piecasso, a local pizza place in Stowe. I had a basil and tomato piece of pizza and it was really nice. We then went to the Ben & Jerry's Factory. They had stopped giving tours for the day and they don't make ice cream on the weekends, so we will have to go back Monday-Friday so we can go on a good tour when they are making ice cream. We did get some ice cream. I had a small with Phish Food and Mint Chocolate Chunk in the same dish. It was delicious.

This is Hannah and I standing in line waiting for our ice cream! The line was crazy long, but it didn't take too long for us to get to the front. They were giving away free small cones for fathers, since today is Father's Day.

This last picture is of the landscape of Vermont. It was so beautiful out in the country today.

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