Sunday, June 8, 2008

Magic Hat Fesitval on Church Street

We went down to Church Street the other night and they were having a huge music festival with bands up and down the street. The pictures above are of the band that we saw. The girl was dancing with a bunny head and a McDonald's costume on. The guy was singing while wearing a helmet and a cape. The video will explain it all.

They were also having an art auction down the street. The artists were there painting for a couple of hours straight in front of a bunch of people that were watching. It was actually quite fun to watch them paint and talk to other people that were there. They had these lights that created the shapes that you can see above the paintings on the building. These light shapes were on all the buildings up and down Church street. It was a pretty neat event that Magic Hat had going on, but it's too bad that the one time I had one of their beers it really wasn't that great.

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